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ABC’s Of Child Labour. How 168 Million Children Make The Products We Use.

ABC’s of Child Labour. How 168 Million children make the products we use.

Most of us, especially in the West, are unaware of the staggering number of children engaged in Child labour worldwide. Polls in the US revealed that three out of four people believed that the number of children in child labour across the globe were under a million. We are sure that if a similar poll were to be conducted anywhere in the West the answers would be similar. As modern consumers, we are conscious of the menace of child labour but are not aware of the full extent of it.

The truth is that across six continents and seventy countries, a staggering 168 Million children are working as child slaves.

In November this year, the Child Labour Coalition released a video called the “ABC’s of Child labor” which explores both the extent to which children are affected and also the number of products whose manufacturing involves children.

Like our “Join the league of new heroes” video, this short film involves elementary children talking about the exploitation of children worldwide. The film drives home the point that some 130 products that we use on a daily basis are in fact made by children.

At New Globe Traveller, we urge modern consumers to be turn into conscious customers. The next time you pick up a luxury product, question if you could have unknowingly supported child slavery.

Modern businesses that outsource manufacturing to developing countries also need to ensure that no child labour was involved. While its easy to find manufacturing partners who can deliver requirements for a fraction of a cost, its important that we consciously and responsibly make further checks to ensure that the competitive prices don’t come at the cost of children being exploited.

Read more about how our eco friendly products help children go to school.



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