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The Making Of New Globe Traveller’s ‘Be A Hero’ Film

The Making of New Globe Traveller’s ‘Be a Hero’ film

It was as wet and miserable as any London morning could get, when the cast and crew of the ‘ New Globe Traveller- Be a Hero’ film congregated at the studio in Greenwich. But nothing was going to dampen the spirits of the team. Each of us had been looking forward to this for a long time.

The script had gone through umpteen iterations because there was so much for us to say and yet it had to be all said within 4 minutes; the dangers of climate change, the importance of reducing waste, the magic of upcyling and how those who buy our products could become personal heroes to the children they would support. We had lost count of the number of script meetings  we had over the months where we got excited about new ideas and then decided to start all over again. Finally here we were… ready to film.

We had decided to start the schedule with little 3 year old Toby because we wanted to get him while his energy was at its peak. However it took Toby and dad Yared 4 hours to get to the sets that morning, driving on a jam packed A140. When Toby arrived he was rightfully angry with the world for more than one reason. But all we had to do was roll out a tyre and little Toby had forgotten the trauma of the journey.

Making of the New Globe Traveller film

The teenagers Megan, Riya and Ross didn’t need to be told what to do. They believed every placard they had made, and every message they sombrely delivered. Watching them from the sidelines, the rest of us could not help but feel the burden of responsibility we had for the world they were going to inherit from us.

The Making of the New Globe Traveller Film

Making of the New Globe Traveller film

While the cameras were being set up to film our product designers, Daniel, Matt and Joanna got into another of their animated discussions about the the latest product they have been working on; the Ladies Tote (watch this space).  The group had forgotten the camera was rolling and only realised that their part was done when Director Charly went “And….cut”.

The Making of the New Globe Traveller Film

The Making of the New Globe Traveller Film

Ah, and little Edward the interviewer. The film would not have turned out to be what it was had it not been for his natural talents. You would be fooled by that innocent face but when Edward got into character he got into “take no prisoners” zone.

When we wrapped up filming that evening the whole crew came up to tell us how making the film had opened their eyes to the impact of climate change and the need to buy environment friendly products. It was a fulfilling discussion for those of us who were part of the project. We left with a renewed conviction in what we had started.

Click Here to see our promotional film. New Globe Traveller is coming to Kickstarter in January 2017. We hope that you will come along and support us and be part of a league of new heroes.


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